about me // the person

*decided to go with a little fact list here rather than the formal paragraph, hope you like it*


Born and raised in New Jersey. Half Mexican, half German.

Oldest of three, proud mother of two.

Married for 9 years. Met my husband while going to school in the Adirondack mountains and had our first date in Lake George, New York. The first time Alex spoke to me I forgot what my name was for a solid 10 seconds. Love at first words.

Brought up on everything National Geographic. Have never missed a Shark Week (I watched it while in labor with my son so if that’s not dedication I don’t know what is).

I’m terrified of the ocean but also wildly in love with it. It's a life goal to one day live beside it.

Good music feeds my soul-- a lot of people don't know I play the piano.

If I haven’t sent you at least one meme lately, our relationship probably needs work.

Other hobbies include: painting, drawing, pottery, sewing, gardening... netflix.

I need to smell the dirt, earth, woods on a consistent basis to feel healthy.

I feel things deeply and wear my humanity for all to see.



about me // the photographer

To be real, photography is something I foolishly stumbled upon. I wasn't very good for a long time and while I'll always be a work in progress, this little hobby of mine has turned into something I don't ever want to live without.

I live for the vulnerable moments during a shoot where you think we're taking a quick break but I see those walls come down and it's just always the most beautiful thing.




I'm most drawn to images that invoke emotion. Photos made with movement and vulnerability. A little blur here and there. Embracing the imperfections. The colors of earth rich but soft. Depth and darkness. Those are my favorite.




There will be moments in life that you want to encapsulate forever. Everyone has their own voice and unique perspective on things. My hope is that mine and yours can find common ground. In my experience, that's where the magic happens and memories are made.




There's beauty all around us. In the smallest of things. In the menial tasks. In the dark spaces. In the pain. In the light. Literally everywhere. And I love looking for it.

For me, this is a hobby- a dream- a passion.

I realize I'm not for the masses but if you feel like you've found a home here, say hello here and tell me about you.