It feels like I've been sitting on these photos for a century. Coming up on a year not sharing some of these images and it kills me. Last year this time, I held in my arms a little 4 week old baby boy and I devoted my time nearly completely to the joys + challenges of becoming a family of four. I knew I wanted to give my children my everything. And for me personally, it would mean my business taking a back seat. To add to the chaos, we threw a move to Grand Rapids, Michigan into the mix. Uprooting our family during such a fragile time broke me into so many little pieces, I'm still healing, gathering, and rebuilding. All of this can't go without saying how grateful and beyond blessed I have felt by the people who have reached out to me regardless of these enormous changes. They were patient beyond belief and their encouragement flowed so freely. I'm in awe of my community, words fail me. I've been able to experience the growing pains of an evolving artistry that could have only taken place with the support of those around me. I'm excited for what's ahead. I'm ready to celebrate what will be different, but also what will remain the same. I'm still me. But I'm a different me. Maybe you can relate // if you can let's connect and make something great.

Ok I'll save more for another time. No more waiting, here's some of my favorites from 2016.