I've known Caroline since high school. We met our freshman year, we were taking our first and last class together because she was way smart and well, let's just say I lacked some motivation in the academic arena.

Caroline was that girl you passed in the hall who always had a smile for you. And not in a weird cheesy way. That was just her. I'm sure she had bad days, just like everyone, but she always had something encouraging to say, something uplifting to lend you and I'll never forget it. I never felt unwelcome, undeserving, or uninvited around her. At almost any given moment, she had the ability to listen and love others despite her own circumstances. As far as I'm concerned, we need a whole lot more Caroline's in this world- love you girl.

Jeff is the guy she chose, and who chose her. They so easily belong. We grabbed some burgers (side of fries obviously) after their session and it was fun to reminisce on the old, and catch up on the new. Their wedding is coming up so quick and it's going to be an emotional doozy for me, I can already tell. But those are the best kind, and I can't wait.