So before this shoot, there was a lot of planning. And re-planning. Then planning again.

May was not being the sun-filled month it promised me and was instead down-pouring every weekend it could. These two were making the trek out from Connecticut for their session and I wanted it to be perfect for them. The weather forecast did not look promising at all. But instead of panicking, they decided to go for it. Rain or shine, this was happening.

We decided to go for a morning session (YES) and it's possibly my new favorite time of day to shoot. Steph came over early for makeup and we were able to chat about all things adult since we'd left high school. Josh became best friends with my two-year-old and she was pretty insistent that he not leave, ever. Everything was so laid back and comfortable. We arrived on location and took a stroll through what looked like a scene right out of Twilight. Flowers had bloomed literally everywhere and everything was so green.

It was kind of the perfect morning. It's nice when work gives back to you in such a simple but significant way. To Steph and Josh, I can't wait for October (rain or shine!)