amanda + jay

I don't live in New Jersey for nothing guys. I love Princeton. In no way do I look like I belong there, but I freaking love it regardless. Amanda and Jay live in the area and you better believe I shot them an email saying LET'S DO THIS. Lucky for me, they were all about it.

Amanda and I were roomies back in the day. Two New Jersey gals attending a really (extremely) remote college in upstate New York. Breaking rules left and right. And by breaking rules I mean we didn't make our beds. More on that another time (wink). The environment was strict to say the least and Amanda, being the human equivalent of a chill pill, was everything I needed that year. And I was happy to lend her a little bit of my crazy in return. Jay was the cool dude kicking around the soccer ball that we didn't know would end up putting a ring on her finger. We're both so glad he did.

These two are making their love permanent in two weeks and I. can't. wait.