I love to create. I always have and I always will.

So as things pick up in business land, I wanted to find a way to protect my inner artist and the creative process. I never want to lose sight of what inspires me and what pushed me to start my own business in the first place. I want to shoot for the heck of it. Get lost in it and see what comes of it. I want to push beyond my comfort level and maybe even those of the people I will be shooting. It’s easy to stand still, but I want to keep moving.

I’ve decided to take on a project that’s pretty simple. A portrait a week. It’s nothing new, nothing unique. But I’d like to think it could become something new and unique to me. Over the next few weeks (as time allows) I will be shooting those who are nearest and dearest to me.

So that’s who this is. You’ve never met anyone as kind as Alex. And I mean KIND. She literally is overflowing with encouragement and it’s my life goal to keep her with me at all times. She is also extremely beautiful and has just started her first position as a genuine Physician’s Assistant. So CONGRATS and THANK YOU for being so incredible, Alex. And hi to the car that honked at us.

I present to you, my friend, Alexandra.