Oh man. This one.

Summing up this one will be hard. Emotions so high and love so strong. Sometimes there’s no words to describe a day, and aren’t those the best kind… I’ll do my best to give words to what I can, and for what I can’t, well, you’ll see.

Sarah has energy. Passion. She’s gifted and she’s strong. She’s one of those people you meet and you can’t quite put a finger on it, but they’ve got that little something extra special. That sparkle. She is a light in the darkest room. Quick and sharp, yet gentle and kind. That’s Sarah. Fire and light.

My introduction with Chris was brief. And with a few minutes left before the ceremony, I anticipated a different person. He was quiet but not shy. Completely collected. And ready. Ready for the day. Ready for forever.

Separate, they were awesome. I loved them from the moment I met them. But together.

Together, they could light a fire on water.

And that’s impossible… so you get my meaning. The rest I’ll leave to the photos. And to Chris and Sarah- have a happy forever.