I was asked by a mutual friend to cover this event. I didn't really have a ton of details on it which maybe added to it's magic.

I remember seeing the setting sun, the leaves rustling in the breeze. The pond just to the left of us adding a certain stillness to the evening and reflecting the wonderful fall sky. The guests all settling under the big oak tree where the ceremony would take place. Decorations hung here and there, all done with the careful touch of something homemade. It was all brought together, so simple yet so unmistakably beautiful. Yes, so magical.

And as incredible as our surroundings were, nothing compared to what we were all there for. What really brought us together.

Donny and Vicky. Married for 10 years, and ready, willing, wanting to say 'I do' all over again, eyes wide open. There's something supernatural about that if you ask me. And by far, the most magical part of this night. I heard an officiant from another wedding recently say something that has stuck with me so I'll leave you with it here.

"Marriage is not a guarantor against suffering, or even against loneliness. It's not a magical way to be secure and sure. If anything, it's an invitation to a new sort of risk, because now you rely so truly on someone else, to one another, and yet you do so knowing (deeply knowing) that this risk is yet the better way."