simone and sequins

Winter is rough for me.

I don't like the cold, the near constant cloud cover or being confined indoors. Let's just say I'm ready for spring the day after Christmas. No need to delay it any longer than that. Winter is slow. Too slow.

I decided I needed to do something creative... shocker. But more importantly, I needed to get behind my camera. There's something about this outlet that works for me... that breathes life back into me.

Simone and I had a lot of fun driving around avoiding the rain, getting stuck in mud and being yelled at by strangers and police. Things turn really official once the police get involved. Especially for something crazy like parking in a handicap spot in an empty lot. Crazy photographer.

Here's the thing, I don't recall a shoot where everything went just as planned. There's always some deviation, or something unexpected that pops up. And that's straight up a-okay with me, let's do it.

For all you ladies who want to get a little dressed up and have fun in front of a camera, let me know, I'm ready for you.

hair: Danielle Hardy (CUT Artisan.Hair.Design.) makeup: Krysta Seal

florals: Greens and Beans (Clinton, NJ)