These days my life is mostly consumed by sippy cups and newborn diapers. But in my spare time, I do this. I get invited to these wonderful, life-changing events with amazing people and I get a front row seat (literally had a front row seat, felt so VIP). Caroline is an old friend and it was the sweetest thing to listen to her and Jeff's story during the ceremony. How they had overcome the doubt and skepticism that surrounded the very idea of marriage until they had met one another. Everything about their day was completely them, down to the smallest detail. Their trust in me was so humbling and quite frankly, something I needed. That's the thing about this job... you're hired to do something you love and yes, it's a crazy lot of work (more than you realize, more than I ever knew) and yet, it gives back in such monumental ways. It's the best and I can only say, thank you. Thank you Jeff and Caroline and for everyone else who's signed their life away to me this past year (wink wink). I've left some solid gold for you below. Only one thing left to do now, and that's SCROLL.

later gator.